Iliotibial Band Lengthening


What is iliotibial band syndrome?

Iliotibial (IT) band syndrome can occur when the IT band becomes too tight, and this can cause friction at the top of your hip or near your knee, resulting in inflammation. It is a common cause of lateral hip and knee pain in many active patients. If initial non-operative treatment fails to provide symptom relief, Dr. Potts may recommend a minimally-invasive procedure to lengthen the IT band arthroscopically.


What happens during an iliotibial band lengthening?

Lengthening the iliotibial band is indicated in patients with painful snapping that is refractory to conservative measures. The procedure is performed by accessing the lateral (outside) portion of the hip. Once the iliotibial band is visualized, the portion of the IT band that rubs against the bone is lengthened. If trochanteric bursitis is also present, the surgeon will excise it in order to make more room between the greater trochanter and the IT band. Hip traction is not needed for the IT band lengthening portion of an arthroscopic hip surgery. Surgical lengthening of the IT band has been shown to alleviate pain and help patients return to their pre-injury activity level.